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The patient is their #1 priority. I will never go anywhere else for my eye care.

I went in to get my first eye exam in 6 years in the summer of 2008. You see, I was in denial. I thought, oh my vision isnt THAT bad... I dont want to end up wearing glasses all day!!! What about when I play sports? Do I have to be the nerdy girl with goggles? I was worried about my looks, and I was also worried that the process would be painful. I hate having my eyes messed with, and touching them gives me the creeps! I had put it off way too long though, and had to bite the bullet and go in because my vision was becoming unmanageable.The wonderful staff at Duvall Advanced Family Eye Care provided a solution for every one of my complaints, and totally eased my fears. The doctor was gentle and thorough, and his assistant was very helpful and sweet. She made me feel completely at ease throughout the whole process of the exam. The doctor confirmed for me that I indeed needed a prescription for glasses during the day and he also suggested that I try soft 1 day disposable lenses for sports, that way I wouldn’t end up being the one with goggles on. I told him contacts were not an option for me due to my squeamish nature, but he assured me that his staff would be able to teach me how to use the contacts painlessly, and he would even provide me with a free fitting and a few weeks worth of lenses so I could try it out. When it came time to pick out my frames, the optician was extremely helpful! She really took the time to listen to all of my concerns and was genuinely interested in helping me get the perfect frames to go with my face. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but I really do look better with glasses! I love the pair she helped me pick out! The technicians at this clinic were so patient with me in helping me to not only fit my glasses, but also teaching me how to use my new contact lenses. They even took extra time with me and let me come in for a few more practice tries on the weekend. I’ve had a few problems with my lenses as well, and the opticians have let me come in free of charge to fix them. She tightens the screws on the frames whenever I need it, and always makes time for me. One time my lens popped out of my frames, naturally I called her and she had me come in right away. She ended up sending my glasses off for repair and assured me that they would be covered under warranty. I never had to pay a dime and I got them back within a week! They have been able to answer every question I’ve had and provide a solution to all of my eye care needs. In all of my dealings with this clinic, 1 thing is apparent: The patient is their #1 priority. I will never go anywhere else for my eye care.

- A Google User

Important Notice

At Duvall Advanced Family Eyecare, the health and safety of our patients and employees is our top concern. Based on the recommendations from the CDC to postpone routine eye and dental care, as of 4PM on March 17th, 2020 we will be officially closed to regular office hours.

Dr Low will be checking office voicemail at 425-788-2990 and email correspondence to once per day for non emergent issues over the next few days or weeks and return calls as she can. We do not want our patients to neglect their eye care needs so please let us know if you need a medication refill or are running low on your contact lens supply and Dr Low will attempt to make arrangements.

Dr Low is highly trained to diagnose and treat urgent eye conditions. If you are having any of the following symptoms, please call our office to leave a message on the general mailbox for a call back within 24 hours or utilize the emergency line prompts for a call back more quickly.

· Loss of Vision
· Flashes of light in your vision
· Increase or change in floaters
· Burning or Stinging
· Discharge or redness
· Eye pain, especially when moving eye
· Unequal Pupil Size
· Double Vision
· Lesions or Sores on the Eyelid or around the Eye
· Increased Light Sensitivity
· Foreign Body Sensation
· Injury or Trauma to the Eye
· Scratch to the Eye
· New or Severe Headaches

Dr Low is available to help you avoid exposure to infected and ill patients in a medical clinic, urgent care, or ER so please let us do what we do best to manage your eye specific needs in our office. Dr Low will continue to provide this service as long as she is healthy and able to do so.

At this time we have no specific date to reopen and we will update our website ( ), Facebook ( and Instagram ( once a date is determined.

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you once things return to normal.


Due to CDC recommendations to cease all routine eye care and in accordance to the WA State “stay at home” order our office will be closed indefinitely. If you are having an eye emergency please follow the prompts on our voicemail to leave a message for Dr. Low to call you back.

We will be available for curbside pickups:

Thursday April 2nd 10-11AM

Saturday April 4th 10-11 AM

Monday April 6th 10-11 AM

Wednesday April 8th 10-11 AM

Friday April 10th 10-11 AM