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It is worth my drive from Redmond Ridge.

I have hit the age where my eyes are in "double jeopardy" i.e. I have needed glasses/contacts for near sightedness for 30+ years and now with contacts need reading help. With glasses no big deal, I just look under or take them off. With contacts, not so good, reading glasses required. Solution, bifocal contacts.  My first run at that not so satisfactory.  But then I switched to Duvall Advanced and the exam is more complete and the doctor put me in contacts that actually work for everything. Bifocal contacts are tricky and I am glad to have a solution. The office is well run and they have good online scheduling system. They do a good job with glasses too and provide great service on service and maintenance. It is worth my drive from Redmond Ridge.

- Thomas M. Redmond Ridge WA.

We are open as normal today January 16 at 11 AM and will close between 6 and 7 PM this evening based on weather conditions.