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Preparing your child for their first eye exam

Eye examinations are fun! We ask about any problems you or your child may have noticed. Examples are squinting, difficulty learning to read, headaches, and short attention span for close work.

We get started with some fun tests that assess the coordination of the two eyes together, which is essential to becoming a good reader. We test visual acuity using letters, or pictures if a child is too young to read.

2yrs child girl lego eyes colurful 1280x480

A refraction to determine far or nearsightedness and astigmatism is done using special automated instruments, which do not require a child’s help if they are too young to respond to our questions.

To control focusing and dilate the pupils for an internal eye health check we use dilating drops. For the first exam of a young child we often use a longer acting drop than used for adults and older children. These drops cause sensitivity to bright light and blurred vision especially at near for a day or so after the eye exam. There is a mild stinging with the drops, but most children are easily distracted with counting games and choosing colorful sunglasses for protection while dilated.

You may want to practice using soothing artificial tears prior to the exam to help your little one get over any fear of the drops. Stop by our Monroe eye care center for an artificial tear sample to practice with.

Dr. Low & Dr. Harrison look forward to caring for your child and assuring that she or he has the best chance for the good vision so important for learning.


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