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Prescription Sunglasses

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We offer top quality sunglasses from Costa Del Mar, Kaenon, Wiley X, Rudy Project and Nike for outdoor enthusiasts and sports oriented people. For the more fashion minded we have a number of designer sunglasses from Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Penguin and Ted Baker. Our opticians can make them with prescription lenses in most cases.

Anyone who spends time outdoors is at risk for eye problems from UV radiation. Risks of eye damage from UV and HEV exposure change from day to day and depend on a number of factors. Surprisingly, cloud cover doesn’t affect UV levels significantly. Your risk of UV exposure can be quite high even on hazy or overcast days. This is because UV is invisible radiation, not visible light, and can penetrate clouds.

The risk of damage to our eyes and skin from solar UV radiation is cumulative, meaning the danger continues to grow as we spend time in the sun throughout our lifetime. With this in mind, it’s especially important for kids to protect their eyes from the sun. Children generally spend much more time outdoors than adults. In fact, some experts say that because children tend to spend significantly more time outdoors than most adults, up to half of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation can occur by age 18. Also, children are more susceptible to retinal damage from UV rays because the lens inside a child’s eye is clearer than an adult lens, enabling more UV to penetrate deep into the eye.

Protection from ultraviolet rays may be the single most important thing you can do for your eyes long term. Whether prescription or over the counter, we have a sunglass solution to provide the protection your eyes need.

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