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eyewear for the road at duvall eyecare

Drivewear lenses are capable of sensing and reacting to varying light conditions and feature a high efficiency polarizer which is active in every lighting condition to block blinding glare and improve visual acuity. One of the most unique and special attributes of Drivewear is that it is the only photochromic lens to darken behind the windshield of a car. Exposed to visible light, the lens changes to a copper color, which many drivers find is the most comfortable color for driving. This is not surprising, as this Drivewear color was designed to both remove excess light and provide good traffic signal recognition.

Outdoors, Drivewear is activated by UV and visible light and deepens to a dark reddish-brown color. This color was designed for maximum filtration of excess light and to provide maximum protection from bright light and blinding glare. The brown color of the lens provides excellent color recognition with a special emphasis on highlighting greens. Because green is the most common color in the natural landscape, it’s a great visual experience to have these enhanced.

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