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LASIK Co-Management in Duvall, WA

At Duvall Advanced Family EyeCare, our eye doctors specialize in pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care for LASIK and other refractive procedures.

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They’ll evaluate your eyes, take into account your visual goals to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for refractive eye surgery.

Our evaluation process also involves counseling on refractive surgery options, eye dominancy testing, reviewing your eye history and refractive stability, and conducting a medical evaluation of your cornea and eye.

If you’re an ideal candidate for refractive surgery, we’ll refer you to a surgeon with a proven track record and schedule a pre-surgery consultation.

Our doctors will provide post-operative management, including multiple visits to monitor your vision and corneal healing. We will also evaluate any additional needs such as reading glasses, sunglasses, or enhancement laser procedures.

While LASIK is the most popular vision-correcting surgery available, we will help you explore all options to find the ideal solution for your specific needs. We work with the best surgeons in the area to ensure that you receive the highest quality care throughout the entire process.

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We will be opening from 9am til 4pm on the following Saturdays…

August 19th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th, December 9th and December 30th.