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Daily Disposable Contacts

We love the daily disposables because they offer our patients both convenience and health benefits. Not having to clean and disinfect lenses has proven to be very popular among our patients. Plus a clean, fresh lens every day means greater comfort and lens redness. These lenses are now available in toric versions to correct astigmatism and bifocal versions to correct presbyopia.

Many Redmond Ridge eye care professionals and contact lens wearers feel that daily disposable contacts offer the best of both worlds: They are convenient because no lens cleaning is required, and they are healthy because there is no day-to-day accumulation of lens deposits.

Also, because these lenses are not worn overnight, you have potentially less risk of contact lens-related eye problems.

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Because we are a medical / healthcare facility, patients and staff are still required to wear masks. We know that there are many within the community who will not agree with this update and for that we are sorry. Please be kind and patient with our team.

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