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Quarterly rotational art from local artists on display in our clinic

Duvall Advanced Family Eyecare supports local art and artists by hosting a quarterly viewing of selected works in our beautiful office located on Main Street in Duvall. Artists interested in displaying their art in our office are invited to apply here.

“Duvall has embraced the arts like no other small town! Combined with our rural beauty and purposeful focus on the arts, it’s an ever-changing treasure waiting to be discovered by visitors and residents alike. Community leaders, individuals, businesses and civic groups are committed to supporting the arts now and in the future. Come create and enjoy this artistic enclave surrounded by nature’s wild beauty.”
2017 Duvall Visitor’s Guide

A few organizations that support local art:
Northwest Art Center (NWAC)
Duvall Creative Arts Guild
Duvall Foundation for the Arts (DFA)

Local artist events:
SandBlast Festival: July 21-22, 2018. 2019 dates TBA
Art in Bloom: August 3-5, 2018. 2019 dates TBA
Duvall Art & Wine Walk: September 8, 2018. 2019 date TBA
Art in the Heart of Duvall Auction Benefit: November 10, 2018

CLICK HERE if you’re interested in having your art displayed in our clinic

Quarter 4, 2018 Artwork by Dan Cautrell

Holiday Card Designs

Dan Cautrell didn’t start doing art until he was 25 years old. He learned everything he needed to know about art at Cerritos Community College where he started as a student in painting and drawing and suddenly got introduced to printmaking. This would prove to be the flash point of his career as an artist. He tried etching and screen printing; one was too industrial and the other too hard. He finally settled back on linoleum printing which was actually the first print technique that he ever did. His first public art installation was in Riverside, California when he was one of several artists who created individual mural panels around a construction site. This was another milestone in his career.

Public art, or Art For The People, will be a theme that he would adopt for all of his work. Dan would eventually do seven commissioned and community mural works in Riverside. His first community art workshop in Riverside led to many other artist residences in schools and community centers doing art with kids and under served communities. Dan also would write his first grant proposal for art funding; It was for a community arts project and would further recognize Riverside as being very pivotal in his development as an artist. It was the first place where he felt like a legitimate member of a real art community.

Dan moved to Washington where he was embraced as an artist by the small community of Duvall. Even though he would have a studio in Seattle for a few years he relocated it back to the Valley with the help of friends who supported his work and offered studio space. Dan would again find himself becoming a part of another active arts community.

Dan continues to do linoleum prints, conduct community workshops, pursue and create public art projects, write for grants, and generally define himself as an artist.

Watch Dan’s interview with King 5 News

Quarter 3, 2018 Artwork by Kathy Ellis

Kathy grew up in North Carolina and moved to Washington State in 1991. She enjoys living in Duvall with her husband, cats, and rabbits.

She has always been very tactile, with the desire to see how something feels being almost a physical need, when she discovered mixed media, it was amazing.

“There is no limit to the colors and textures you can put together. It is exciting to see something and start to have a picture form in your head, and then see it actually come to life on the canvas.”

She would say her style is eclectic as she sees art in almost everything. If she can make people think or smile with her art, then that means she has succeeded.

Quarter 2, 2018 Artwork by Chris Buckley

Chris Buckley is a Seattle based artist. Chris grew up in England and worked as a graphic designer. During this time period, she studied Art and Design at Middlesex University. After immigrating to Seattle in the late 90s, Chris spent her time bringing up her 4 children, teaching art in pre and elementary schools as a volunteer, and writing and illustrating a children’s book – “Hammering Man Takes a Stroll”. When she first came to Seattle she was homesick and missed London. Chris slowly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, from its unique skyline, its sculptures, and yes, even its rain! Exploring these subjects in her paintings has helped her feel more rooted in Seattle. Some of her paintings take her back to her childhood, some express the beauty of a grey day, and some display her connection to Britain. Chris’s art is her visual diary, reflecting all that she loves about life past, present and future dreams.

Her art is on display at On Pointe Dancewear, Central Park Tennis Club. You will also find her displaying her paintings at the Kirkland Art Walk every 2nd Friday of the month. Seattle Salutes Hokusai won a merit award in a recent art contest.

Quarter 1, 2018 Artwork by High School PARADE Program Students

PARADE is a parent partnership program that is part of the Riverview school district located at the Riverview Learning Center in Carnation.

Carol Gould, Owner and Potter of Terra Nova Studio, teaches 9-12th grade students who have been studying landscape artists through history and various painting media to develop their own painting style.

Kimberly Erwin, Home, Oil on Canvas
Rainey Nelson, When the Rainy Season Came, Oil on canvas
Makenzie Wilson, Snoqualmie Fog, Acrylic on canvas
Xavier C. Teece, Fog in Duvall WA 98014, Oil on canvas
Keaton Pfeifle, Blue, Green, Green, Oil on canvas
Kylah Moon, Tree Farm Barn, Acrylic on canvas
Axel Thurman Saunders, The Here of the Now, Acrylic on canvas
Zoe Szymczak, Evening by Lake Joy, Oil on canvas
Clara Turner, Beside the Bridge, Acrylic on canvas
Kari Knutson, The Duvall Wagon, Oil on canvas
Jade Nelson, The Bridge to Autumn, Acrylic on canvas
Rumi Archibald, Mountains in Sunset, Acrylic on canvas
Piper Canning, Cherry Falls, Oil on canvas
Rebecca Reynoso, Snoqualmie Falls, Acrylic on canvas
Bella Maxcy, Snow Valley Falls, Acrylic on canvas
Madison Pelton, Evening in the Birch Grove, Acrylic on canvas

Quarter 4, 2017 Artwork by Persian Bambina

Persian Bambina
Art. Sculptures. Jewelry.

Persian Bambina is an emerging artist who first picked up a paintbrush in 2016 after a strong urge to get paint on canvas. She is completely self-taught through observation and experimentation. Her style varies with her moods which determine what medium and technique to use.

​Painting quickly became a euphoric experience which has led Persian Bambina to a spiritual awakening and a deeper look within. Most of her art is internally driven by the emotions and passions of the moment.

​Her life’s journey began in Iran and she has since lived all over the world including Germany and Canada but currently calling Seattle, WA home. She hopes to grow as an artist throughout her life.

Quarter 3, 2017 Artwork by Debby Neal

Debby Neal
Art Inspired by Nature and Sunshine

Debby is an artist and painter living in Duvall. When she’s not painting, you can find her hiking local trails, riding her bike, or more likely helping her kids with homework and running a busy, fun household. Her husband and she love small town life and how sweet it is for our two children and their dog, Coco.

Debby creates each painting to be ray of sunshine, helping to inspire happiness. Most of her works have a theme of warmth or light shining through as a symbol of possibility. Almost all of her paintings have a sense of movement. Debby’s technique involves layering and blending color to create modern, abstract images.

In addition to working as a painter, Debby the Director of the Duvall Creative Arts Guild, an Artist-in-Residence at the Northwest Art Center, a member of the Duvall Foundation for the Arts, and a supporter of my local arts community.​

Quarter 2, 2017 Artwork by Lois Haskell

Lois Haskell
Painter of Northwest landscapes.

Growing up in a small, New England town with a large artist community gave Lois the opportunity to study with many excellent artists.

Painting the Northwest landscape has become a passion and many of her paintings are in private collections around the country. Painting “plein aire,” Lois has trudged the back roads of the Northwest looking for inspiration. The beauty of the area never fails to inspire. Favorite places to paint are the Skagit Valley and the San Juan Islands.

Many of Lois’ paintings have been juried into art shows around the country and have won awards.

Are you interested in displaying your art at our clinic?


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