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Your child may have vision and glasses benefits even if you don’t

ACA vision benefit changesVision care for kids has been a priority for us here at Duvall Advanced Family EyeCare since we started the clinic in 2002.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a priority for the the insurance companies.  This has changed in 2014 with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  New insurance plans provide for yearly vision exams for all kids under age 19, and also provide glasses or contact lenses.  In every case we have seen thus far, the deductible has been waived, meaning out of pocket costs were limited to the patients’ copay.

This statement from the American Optometric Association sums up the new changes best:

“Beginning January 1st, 2014, vision care for children will be covered by many health plans as an essential benefit, no longer standing alone in separate vision plans, and no longer restricted by flawed vision screenings.

Direct access to vision care provided by optometrists for children from birth through age 18, including comprehensive eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses, becomes the new standard of medical coverage.

Parents should make sure their child has the tools needed to succeed in school and later in life. If children are not assessed early and regularly, through comprehensive eye examination, greater levels of preventable disease disparity and disability will result. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) allows parents to access these comprehensive eye exams.”

Children’s vision care is extremely important to us. We are thrilled with the new health care provisions that provide yearly eye exams, glasses or contact lenses to children, even if the parents do not have a vision benefit.

Please call our office and ask us about your child’s coverage today.

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The Doctors and Staff at Duvall Advanced Family EyeCare


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