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As of August 1st, appointments are no longer necessary for our optical services – repairs, adjustments, dispenses, and sales for those with existing or external prescriptions. Patients will be seen on a first come, first served basis. We look forward to seeing you!

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Introducing the Carl Zeiss i.Terminal

PageImage200881Employing a precision digital camera and a
computerized measuring system, the i.Terminal photographs
patients wearing their chosen frames. i.Terminal then provides these
essential dispensing functions:
• Measures monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights,
pantoscopic angle, vertex distance and frame wrap automatically.
• Creates photo images for review by the patient and dispenser.
• Provides interactive demonstrations of lens enhancements.

Traditional fitting measurements are limited by both accuracy (closeness
of the result to the actual value) and precision (the size of the smallest
reliable measurement). i.Terminal eliminates measurement error,
while taking measurements to within 0.1 mm, resulting in the most
accurate fitting measurements possible.