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A New View of Eyecare

Duvall Advanced Family Virtual Google TourDuvall Advanced Family Eye Care is harnessing the vision of Google to give their patients, new and old, an unprecedented look of their offices. Using Google Virtual Tours technology, customers can now peek into rooms and look throughout the office from the comfort of their home computers.

For many new patients, the most prohibitive factor for making an appointment at a new office is the fear of the unknown. The revealing nature of the Google Virtual Tour technology alleviates that fear and empowers customers with a sense of comfort and awareness.

"So many patients who come to our office for the first time are surprised at the spacious facility and advanced technology we offer.  Now patients can take the virtual tour from the comfort of their home and understand why we are proud of our office and state of the art equipment", comments the owner.

Duvall Advanced Family Eyecare hopes that introducing this technology to their website will not only encourage new customers to take a peek at their offices, but also encourage other local businesses to take advantage. Google Virtual Tours gives businesses a chance to welcome new customers before they even step foot in the door. What an advantage.

Take a look at Duvall Advanced Family Eyecare's virtual Google tour, use the white arrows on the screen to navigate around our clinic.

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The virtual tour is also available on YouTube to watch as a video:


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