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Focusing on Comprehensive Eye Exams

When was your last comprehensive eye exam? Having your eyes examined every year is one of the most effective steps you can take to be sure that your eyes remain healthy and that you are seeing as well and comfortably as possible. During your eye exam your doctor thoroughly examines your eyes using the latest technology to detect eye disease, disorders of binocular vision and the the need for glasses and contact lenses. You can make an appointment for your yearly comprehensive eye exam online through our website at or our friendly front desk staff will schedule your appointment.  As a courtesy our staff helps to verify your insurance benefits prior to your visit and answers any questions you have about your upcoming appointment.

After signing in at the front desk and completing your medical and eye history forms, our optometric assistants begin your exam with advanced testing including verification of your current eyewear, blood pressure screening in adults, preliminary refractive analysis with our auto-refractor, intraocular pressure measurement and our highly recommended digital retinal imaging and iWellness scan.  The doctor’s assistants discuss any problems or concerns you are having and test your vision with your current glasses or contact lenses, if worn prior to seeing the doctor.

Your doctor reviews and discusses the information collected so far and begins your exam with evaluation of your extra-ocular muscles, pupils and field of vision.  A refraction to determine your glasses or contact lens prescription is then performed.  A biomicroscopic examination is done to assess the health of your eyes utilizing mild dilating drops drop to allow for a thorough examination of the lens, vitreous, optic nerve and retina.

The most common problems detected on comprehensive eye exams in children are binocular anomalies of the extra-ocular muscles and problems with focusing.  These problems can go undetected and can lead to difficulties in school.

In adults cataracts, glaucoma, defects of the retina and ocular complications of high blood pressure and diabetes are among the most common problems detected on a yearly comprehensive eye exam. Glasses and contact lenses are prescribed to give you the best vision for distance, reading, hobbies and computer work.  Our opticians help you choose from our great collection of quality eyewear and design the types of lenses best suited to your needs based on your exam.

It's time to protect your eyes. Call Duvall Advanced Family EyeCare or visit us at to schedule your yearly comprehensive eye examination today.


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